The Wanker Diaries

Please tell me it’s not true! Oh yes it is! Do you remember the night…… And I met …….. What a WANKER! For those of you who have never heard the expression for a wanker is ( in the USA) a “jerk off”. Now I am not sure how popular the work jerk is anymore when all the 20 somethings think everything is “SO RANDOM”, no kidding!

Everyone has heard of Paul Hogan of Crocodile Dundee fame. Well once upon a time he had his own show and one of the skits was Leo Wanker, you can find it on YouTube if you don’t believe me. Leo is the inspiration for this blog.

We have all been out with at least one wanker ( if we are lucky it has only been one, not more.)
And we have all lived to tell the tale, and tell the tale we will, by whisper, by morse code, by graphic description ( please leave a little to the imagination.) all on this humble site. Please share, whether it is anonymous or proud and tall with photos included.


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