The Best and Worst of Christmas Gifts

Okay, who is going to admit that they once saw a relationship going in a direction that the Wanker did not? We have all done it. The so called I can save him affliction that most if not all women suffer from at some stage of their lives.
Christmas is often a rude awakening if we have been in that situation and I hope that no- one reading this blog is having goosebumps right now. If you are then I empower you to through that Wanker out and then share the story so we can all live, learn and laugh about it. You will laugh about it too šŸ™‚ eventually.

Now who is satisfied with their gifts? I mean satisfied, not overjoyed, ecstatic, jumping for joy like my ten year old was. Can’t you see yourself in slow motion jumping up and down yelling YES! YES! As if you were having an orgasm? No comment!

Now don’t lie to yourself, you deserve the best but it is always the thought that counts! As long as he didn’t spend twice as much on himself or his mother you are doing okay.

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