The Energy Vampire

It all started with a trip to Barnes and Nobles today to pick up a book or too. I was doing what everyone does and sat reading a book that I had no intention of buying BUT I did end up buying the $22 book. Such is life!

While sitting in one of the two comfy chairs in the whole store, a pregnant lady came and stated to speak to me. She told me I had a very powerful energy! While we are all skeptical of strangers, we all love compliments. Sonia reads chakras and I tell you she was pretty accurate about mine. She spoke of a relationship that I was involved in where I have been giving more energy than receiving. My personal ability to communicate had shut itself down and was now opening up. Completely on task, that’s what she was. How random…..

How many of us feel that we give out more energy to our partners than we receive? Most of the readers or you probably wouldn’t be here right now reading this post.

Energy Vampires are often Wankers with inferiority complexes and low self esteem. They suck OUR joy out of our lives and leave us with no energy. This no energy equates to being stuck in a rut and we can’t get out. We get trapped by our lack of desire that then become a weapon that is used against us by the wanker. This type of wanker is a class of his own.

The solution is not easy as we become attached to our misery and get dragged down by their low self esteem to their energy level. BUT THERE IS HOPE!
It takes time and courage to dig deep into yourself and find your power. The first step is to become an observer on your own mind and start to recognize the traps in your thinking. Once you start to hear yourself, the next step will come.

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