Get With The Picture!

Okay. One serious entry about 2012 and new years resolutions. Yeah whatever……

What about the disasters of a drunken new years eve out? Mr. Right on the Night become the mistake that started 2012. Thank goodness I am pass that but I must admit after a great night out that included an early breakfast at IHOP. My Wanker slept a l’hotel du Cul Tourne. It is not an interesting story so I won’t bore you but want to comment on another subject.

This conversation will be more informative, I promise.

When a couple starts dating, the first few months are the stormy sex, no-one else exists period of the relationship. You always have a friend who disappears when she meets a new guy or gal etc. They disappear for a few months until they get bored with each other. In fact, not handling this first part of the relationship correctly can kill a potentially perfect match!

But let’s imagine you found a potential Mr. Right but he is flying around like a honey bee fro, flower to flower. He will always return the the hive but what is going on in between? He may not be cheating but he is suffering from a bad case of inappropriate behavior that is a warning sign that you should run! It doesn’t mean that the guy is an irreparable wanker but he is not ready!

Men will always wait for the women they want to be ready. They have patience! Women usually come in and try and change the guy that doesn’t see anything wrong with his behavior.

He won’t change unless he sees something wrong with his behavior and if he doesn’t: RUN! If you stick around you will get hurt and you will ruin any chance for the future. You can go back if you don’t have any nasty history otherwise you are just the Ross and Rachel characters from Friends.

Let’s go back to inappropriate behavior.
Inappropriate behavior is any behavior that can lead a guy into a sticky situation. It is also any behavior at can make the girl he is with feel uncomfortable in any way. And uncomfortable means you feel unhappy, sad, insulted, neglected, DISRESPECTED…. Ladies are you hearing me?

If you settle for less in the beginning there is no going back, it is an uphill battle.

If you want to persevere the only route is to make sure you are surrounded by lots of non Wankers who fancy you that you can flirt with and make the Wanker jealous. But really ladies just run in the other direction!

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