He’s likes piece of chewing gum stuck on the sole of your favorite shoe

You are so sure that this guy is the one and you have invested way too much in him. I say way to much because his investment does not come anywhere near yours. Forget the money he did or didn’t spend on dinner, forget the cool Christmas gifts. Is he available when you need him? Can you rely on him on a daily basis.

Ask yourself:


Too many times we accept less than we should because we see ourselves as ” the nurturer.” Rubbish! We put up with the crap because we have issues. We let these Wankers come into our lives. Not only do we let them in, often we invite them in. They cause more damage. We don’t see it coming because of the physical attraction. Chemistry is a bitch!


Single today and never married or married happily for many years. You will be hard pressed to find a women who has never had some sort of abusive experience with a man.

We can have everything perfect in our lives and still not see it coming until it is too late. Do not blame yourself. It happens to the best of us. But remember that it will never get better with this Wanker and if you cant escape immediately, you need to start planning to get out. You can help yourself.

Take it one step at a time. Rome was not built in a day. The hardest thing is to admit you have attached yourself to one of the worlds biggest Wanker’s and he is like a piece of chewing gum stuck on the heel of your favorite shoe.

To be continued…..


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