The Wanker Massage

The Wankers of this world like to believe that all women masseuse become masseuse because they can’t get to touch a man any other way.
Actually, unfortunately for some men it is the only way that can pay a women to touch them. They are the ones that the strip clubs charge an entry fee when everyone else gets in for free.

The massage erection should not be an occasional occupational hazard for anyone who doesn’t work in the sex industry.

I tell a tale of a cute young women professional masseuse, who worked at a local gym. She was the victim of a low class Ritchie Cunningham, ( the character Ron Howard played on Happy Days ) who apparently had some serious problems with his hip and thigh.

Although he said it was a “running” injury, it was actually a disability to get laid.

Now this young professional ignored his inappropriate behavior. The Wanker continually tried to flash his junk at her. Whenever he slid the towel over, she would just slide it back, ignoring his moves.

The Wanker thought she was playing hard to get.

When she moved up his body to work his head( the one at the top of his body) she looked down and saw that the towel was rising. YUK!


Being a Wanker true to form, he calls and leaves her a message requesting an appointment for the following week.

How’s a girl supposed to make an honest buck?

Ladies, the truth of the matter is that all men have this potential inside them. But the good eggs know how to handle themselves.

Beware of the Wanker desperate for a wank!

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