The Urban Wanker

Dressed in True Religion jeans and a passé Ed hardy t-shirt, the urban wanker is impectably groomed down to the buffed manicured nails. The song ” I’m sexy and I know it” is his ring tone.

Why does the Urban Wanker capture our imagination and make us pine for his brand of incompatibility?

He has the packaging of a lovely bottle of Guerlain perfume, ( have you smelt INSOLENCE yet?) yet when we open the package the bottle is empty. It still is pretty in itself, yet unsatisfying, disappointing. We hold onto the empty bottle as a decoration.

Now the urban wanker wants to be everything to everyone. He’s slick. Charm oozes out onto everyone he meets. You’ve seen what happens when a snake swallows his pray then spits it out. Straight out of the X Files.

You do realize that you will become one of the hangers on who has no where else to go.

There is a way out. You have a life so go and enjoy it. Standing next to him will not make you more attractive to the opposite sex. It is a great place to be if you want to be single and get laid. If you are looking for ideas about where to meet Mr. Right.

All I can say is good luck. Stop looking and follow your own path. It will eventually cross the right guys path.
The problem that needs to be corrected is that we need to let go of outcomes and live in the present moment.

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