Teenage Dream

I have to admit that I have a boy crush on Zac Efron. It was like when I read the first Twilight Novel and felt like a teenager again.

I have no idea how old Zac is, but he has to be closer in age to my daughter than to me.

So what is the attraction besides the hot body, great singing voice and that the boy can dance. If he is good enough for Michelle Pfeiffer, then he is good enough for me! ( New Years Day.)

You see, I think we can look back and unlock the little things that happen throughout our younger lives and find the key to why we end up with a Wanker. A big lesson I have learnt is that we block these experiences, no matter how insignificant they seem. They do grow into a big blockage. This blockage puts us out of tough with our true self and it isn’t a question of our garde being up or down. It simply makes us vulnerable to the Wanker who infiltrates our life.

Next time you are upset when something happens, instead of playing it over and over in your mind stop and feel how it is affecting your body.

We put our poor bodies through so much without realizing it. I once read a story about a man who had become quadriplegic in a car accident. Years later, his daughter was in an accident and even though he could not really feel his body, he said he felt the stress in his body. Incredible!

My point today is that you need to be good to yourself. If you don’t learn how to be good to yourself, you will continue to attract Wankers. It all starts with YOU!

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