Worst Pick Up Lines

What lengths will a wanker go to to get laid? The absolutely worst pick up line I have ever been approached with was a male friend telling me he had 6 months to live. What a Wanker!

The second worse pick up line I was given was when I was about 20 years old and a Wanker I was studying with, can’t remember his name but remember he was tall. He told me he wasn’t sure if he was gay or not. Me being naive, didn’t realize till much later that this was a line. I was actually confused when this wanker started to tell me about how he had given a girl two black eyes when she was giving him a blow job. He said his knees hit her he in the face. Not sure how that one worked.

What is your worst line? There are the teenage, how did you father put take all the stars from the sky and put that sparkle in your eye. There is the Ryan Gosling character in Crazy Stupid Love with all his charm and one liners. As attractive as he is, he still plays a wanker.

Now ladies, how many of you have recognized an Urban Wanker and still put the ball in his court? At least you knew what you were getting yourself into, I hope, and took it for what it was. Please email me immediately if you stayed. I will coach you through the mess.

Take the good with the bad, but always recognize what it is. Do not take yourself or the wanker too seriously.

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