Plan Cul : One Hot Night

I thought that now would be a good time to talk about one night stands, the adventure without a tomorrow. It is decidedly easier than I remember for a guy to get laid. On New Years Eve I was out with a couple of my single guy friends and just watched the women approach them. Most of these women where not just looking to get laid but also for a night of free drinks and maybe a meal. The guys admitted to me how easy it is to get laid in this town.
Research shows that men rarely will turn down sex. But that doesn’t explain why it is so easy for them to find a one night stand.
Is a one night stand just a stress relief? Sometimes. But there are many women who think they have seriously gotten lucky and met the perfect man and boy are they feeling it so they take a chance never to see the guy again. Oops he has to go into work at 8am on a Sunday morning.
The reason this happens is because it is all in the chase. Men are fundamentally hunters who love the chase.
I don’t want to recite some tired expression that someone wiser than me has already told you. But I can tell you this. Lead the sucker on like a dog the leave him hanging. He will be coming back for more. Look around you at the most decent guys you know. They are married to complete and utter bitches. Why? Because they are men and they got sucked in. Thinking with their penis, if but for a moment it still got them into trouble.
Men really are the weaker sex!
The end game is that the more time you spend with a guy then there is a strong chance you will become friends with benefits. So listen, you have a good guy friend who you really love and depend on but there is no sex. Neither of you have crossed the line. Do not cross that line with him. Go have a hot one night stand and keep your friendship strong.

3 thoughts on “Plan Cul : One Hot Night

    • It depends what you are looking for. Just remember that if a guy really likes you, he will wait until you are ready. When in doubt, hold back but don’t hide!

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