Chocolate Wrapper Wisdom

I have to admit that Baci Italian chocolates bring back Adelaide memories from when I was at university. They still taste wonderful. I just realized they have a little pearl of wisdom in each wrapper so I thought I would give you all some inspiration to start the week.

1. I believe not in eternal love, but in the eternity of love lived.
2. Words of love are always the same, they take on the flavor of the lips that utter them.
3. Friendship brings great happiness with it’s gestures.
4. Grow old with me, the best it yet to come.
5. With your kisses have I painted my starry sky
6. Love me when I deserve it least, as that is when I’ll need it most.
7. One kiss takes the soul, another hands it back: may this vital exchange never end.
8. Love me because without you I can do nothing, I am nothing
9. If ever two were one, those two are we.

Have a great week!

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