Men and Money

If you are in a relationship today, most households need two incomes to survive. Some couples make sacrifices so one of them, usually the mother can stay home when they have children, some women decide to continue working. There is no right or wrong answer. The key to having a healthy relationship is the of you agreeing on how money will be spent and saved.

Now when you are dating, you need to watch out for the clues a man gives you about how he spends his money. His flamboyance may make him great to date but not necessarily marriage materiel. Living paycheck to paycheck might be fine in his 20s but if I listen to my Dad, his rule of thumb is a man should have something by the time he is 30. That may or may not be old fashioned but if you are erring on the side of caution, you may want to look at what he has by 30.

The amount of money in a relationship is not always the most important thing. Money is one of the major stress points in a relationship when there isn’t enough or when one person spends it without considering the other persons needs.

Just make sure you are clear on how you view money, a lot of this is subconscious and we aren’t even aware of it. Then make sure you understand your guys opinions on money and watch his spending habits. If you spend enough time with a man, and it may be a lifetime, you will have moments of boom and bust so you need to make sure you are compatible on that level or you could find yourself alone and penniless.

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