Psycho Parents

If you have children, it goes without saying that you want to protect them, especially from other little brats that hurt your child’s feelings. But there are limits. I love my child but also know that she is still learning who she is and who she wants to be when she grows up. Sometimes she is going to do little girl stuff that is wrong, occasionally lie( apparently she never has any homework) but for the most part she is a breeze.
She had major issues this year in the 5th grade. Problems with her best friend, then problems with another little girl who liked to exaggerate whatever happened. And stupid parents take these childish kids stories as truth! 10 year old girls will be 10 year old girls. Unfortunately some parents also act like 10 year olds. We had many issues with one particular child who was bully in disguise. Her overprotective parents believe every word she says and take it as absolute truth. Regardless of how ridiculous it sounded.

One such parent decided that it was ” too painful” to talk about with me when her child made outrageous accusations about my baby. So she started with the text messages.

“Your child told my child that you and your husband said….about me and my husband.”

I mean really?

Passive aggressive text messages from an overprotective parent or anyone for that matter are really low. If you have something valid to say to someone don’t hide behind a text message, email or hand written note. If you can’t get in front of them, pick up the phone and call them. People write things that they would never say. And this happens with friends and family too, not just psycho parents.

Let me take this one step further ( this is the Wanker Diaries after all. )My next point is that is you are having a relationship with a member of the opposite sex and he won’t pick up the phone to call you, you are probably just a booty call to him. Texting has it’s place in a relationship but it should not replace the relationship.

Lastly, sexting. If you have a teenage daughter make sure she knows that if a guy can’t call her and ask her out then he is not worth much. He needs to have the courage to go after what he wants and she needs to know that she is worth the chase. You also don’t want her getting comfortable with texting because teenagers can take sexting to a whole new level of trouble. Too shy to say hi but its easy to send a picture of a naked body.

And you know what, sometimes it is just nice to have a conversation with someone.

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