I wrote energy with a lower case E on purpose. We all have low energy days. Have you ever realized that when you are in a relationship with a wanker, you have low energy. He sucks your energy like a vampire. In fact we could call this blog the vampire diaries and everyone would know what I am talking about. You spend time with the wanker, running around town in his expensive car. You run around trying to make him happy even when nothing you do is good enough.

Next time you are feeling that the nights are too short and the days are too long and you just don’t seem to be able to get enough sleep consider this. Are you with a guy who robs you of your identity, who always asks too much of you and then nothing is good enough? Maybe this isn’t you but it is someone you know. We need to liberate ourselves and others from these damaging relationships. Let’s join hands and make a difference in e life of someone in this situation( even if they don’t know it.) Show these women compassion, without judging. Just show them what it feels like to be accepted and loved for who they are. Give them a yard stick to compare the attention they get from you with the attention they get from the wanker.

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