Outlet Shopping

So how many of us have bought something at the outlet malls or on sale at just didn’t quite fit? Admit it, we all have! Today I had to meet a colleague at the outlets to pick up a computer and of course I got their early and ventured into Neiman Marcus Last Call. I found a pair of shoes that are so cool( not cute but cool) in soft grey leather. I really needed the 10 but went with the 9.5 because they were not just 75% off but another 30%off that. That means that this pair of shoes are being worn right now, around my house with socks on so I can try and stretch them enough to make them fit right.
So if the plan doesn’t work and they are painful I will save them for days when I think the world is against me. We all have those days and these shoes will become a part of my solution. How? You may ask?. This is it.

When you have something worrying you that you just can’t get out of your mind and it is bringing you down there is a sure fire way to let it go. Wear a pair of shoes that are too small. I guarantee that you I’ll forget all your other problems because there is no ignoring sore feet.

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