Is cheating the same for someone who is married and someone who is single? Marriage doesn’t seem to hold the same significance for society to day as it did fifty years ago, even 10 years ago. No matter what, the severity of the pain is direct to how invested you are in the relationship. If you are going to cheat, I do not judge, but suggest you go out of your circle of friends. How personal is it if you cheat with someone your partner knows or knows well. Remember, it is not strangers who hurt you but the people close to you who hurt you. The people who know you, know how to hurt you.

My next advice is that if you are going to cheat but love your partner do not repeat offend with the same person. The ties that bind you to your “designated fuck” will get stronger and make the strains on your current relationship worse. The affair is a dreamland affair with no real life so it seems complicated in the most banal situation with your partner will seem more extreme and harder to deal with.

Society has changed so much and what we see on tv makes us feel that everything is permissible, that we have a right to do and say anything we want to in all aspects of life. But remember that all you can do is treat yourself with self respect. If you can honestly do that then the rest will come. You will attract all the good things you deserve.

2 thoughts on “Cheating

    • I will revisit cheating, consider what I wrote. What don’t you agree with? I know that some people will never cheat and never consider it but there are a lot of people who do and they do damage. I keep on talking about blocking emotions in my other posts. Infidelity is often blocked.

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