Scars of Past Relationships

We all bear the scars of being hurt by the people we love. They are painful and we try to block them. When we block them, we replace these hurt feeling with feelings of anger and resentment. It was only recently when two close friends told me I had so much resentment that I began to explore what it meant. What was resentment and how did it feel?
I still can’t externalize what resentment is but I know it feels like. I bet most of us know without realizing it.

All I can tell you is that recognizing it is a gift. Once you recognize it you can start to deal with it. Often there is something you don’t like about yourself, something you did, something you said or simply something you didn’t say or do.

Subconsciously, your brain does everything to protect you from this painful memory. You will make yourself sick, premature grey hair, eat yourself to obesity, chose wanker relationships. All this in the name of repression of things you don’t want to deal with.

This damage control becomes a festering wound that sets your life off course, because what you really want is no longer what you really want. You have blindfolded yourself. The more time passes, the more off course you get. All of a sudden ( if you are lucky) You wonder who the hell you are and how did you end up where you are.

What has happened to you that has left you feeling resentment. Can you recognize it? Do you want to recognize it. Do you want change? Change is scary and most of us do not embrace it but run from it.

Feel your resentment and uncover it, embrace it and learn from it. It is not easy, it is exhausting, but if you are honest, then very quickly you will start to have a newfound clarity and confidence that will give you energy and joy. I promise. Email me if you need support.


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