All’s Fair In Love And War

Is all really fair in love and war or does it come back to haunt us? Machiavelli said that the end justifies the means. He was one cold hearted SOB. I prefer to think that what goes around comes around. It may not be in this lifetime, it may come from another direction but if you plant those negative seeds, they have to go somewhere. All you can hope is that you can gain enough merit to get you through.

Think of a time you did something that was hurtful to someone else but you got your own way. If you have any sort of heart you WILL have a little bit of guilt, even if it is on your deathbed when your life flashes before you eyes.

I am no saint and try not to be a sinner. But I have realized that if I have such a strong desire to do something that I know is wrong, then maybe I need to go out and do it to cure myself. If I really know, understand and believe something is wrong then I will not desire to do it. Please don’t play devils advocate and say “well I could go out and kill someone” because you are missing the boat. Very few people actually crave killing someone and if you are one of those people please get professional help immediately.

Take smoking as an example. If you really understand how it damages your body and the environment, you could never consciously do it. It would repulse you. But most of us are so blocked we don’t really feel the repulsion, we just continue with learned behavior that messes us up and takes us away from our core self.

Fairness comes from perception and we all kid ourselves in different ways to make our behavior more palatable. Just remember that it is okay to make mistakes but live and feel through every part of the experience and you will learn why not to do it again.

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