Has Elvis left the building?

I have to comment on the whole political debacle in this country. It seems that just about all candidates are Swinging Dicks followed by a legion of Wankers. The problem is that this is not Wankerville, it is the United States of America.
Unfortunately , and I generalize, we have been anesthetized by cheap( and I choose the word cheap over inexpensive) products from China. Robert Redford was right when he spoke about a” cloud of ego,” recently at Sundance.
Citizens who enter politics for the right reasons get out as quickly as they can because the system has been corrupted. When you look at education cuts and the state of education in some places, it becomes obvious that people have not been empowered by society to make the right decisions.
Of course this is not Utopia but Foucault didn’t talk about empowerment of the individual for nothing. I don’t know the answers but I do have one more thing to say. Too many people vote on party lines which is a narrow-minded and and uneducated way of doing things. A good candidate needs to be an independent thinker who earns the trust of the people so the people will follow the leader through the tough structural changes that will happen whether we like it or not.

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