Control and the Future

Isn’t it funny how we think we can control everything. We have things to achieve and want everything to fall into place. The problem arises when we think we know what other people are thinking and anticipate their actions and reactions. Do we think we are God and know what people are thinking?
Over the last few years we have heard how to visualize and apparently materialize what we want in life. Usually we miss what that really means.
We have to come to the table with a clean slate or we will continue to manifest things that we no longer want.
We are trapped by learned behaviors and patterns of thinking that no longer serve us. Normally we have tricked our minds into blocking out unpleasant memories and your mind works to protect you from these memories. But if you don’t clean out the cobwebs then you cannot move forward.
Tomorrow is Chinese New Year and the Year of the Dragon. Use this day as a turning point and a day of new resolutions to clean out your mind of its cobwebs and manifest the things you truly desire.

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