Inconsiderate or what?

When you live with other people you have to decide on what you can compromise on. If, like me, you started off being really easy going, them it is easy to get walked all over. Last week I went out of my way to request that some things I left in the garage were not to treated as trash and taken to the dumpster. This request was made because I had bad past experiences where books, you know, the foundations of civilization, were taken to the dumpster instead of kept in storage until they could find a new home. To cut a long story short, today I went to put something in my car to give to a new home and it had disappeared.

Conclusion: some people should live alone because they have no consideration for other people’s things and are thoughtless and inconsiderate. If you live with someone like that tell them to start making other plans because the end is nigh.

Myself, I am not a hoarder. I don’t have old love letters, photos of people I am happy to leave in my past or old clothes from 20 years ago. Actually, I lie, I still have my prom dress but I occasionally wear it because I can still squeeze into it. It is perfect for vacuuming, cleaning toilets etc.

But what’s my point?

Do not accept something that you would not do to someone else from someone else.

So as I listen to Adele doing a cover of a Bonnie Raitt song, I want to tell the world: You have the right to be you AND do as you choose and not be looking over your shoulder because someone don’t treat you with respect and dignity, especially in your own home. Life is too short!

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