Be Authentic

Again I will reference Adele as we just got her DVD/CD Live at Albert Hall. Before she sang “Someone like you”, she explained the story behind the song. Once she got into the song, it bought tears to her eyes. It was moving. It was authentic. How often have you worn your heart on your sleeve unintentionally and found that people responded to you with true compassion and wanted to help you?

It happens. And I don’t mean rush out when you are feeling sorry for yourself and look for sympathy BUT you need to acknowledge your pain. Working through that pain, instead of blocking it is a constant process that will affect all areas of your life. It will probably slow you down, chances are that if you are working on it with all your heart, you will be exhausted. It is all part of living through your emotions instead of blocking them. I know I go on about this but everyone blocks something or HAS blocked something in the past that has to be dealt with.

We all talk about the Secret and wonder why it didn’t/ hasn’t worked for us. It is because you have some blocked issues that your brain is doing everything to protect you from. This means that no matter what you ask the universe for, your brain is not listening as all it wants to do is protect your ego from the repressed event.

I cannot stress enough that we all need to live through our emotions, acknowledge them and embrace them with compassion. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Accept that someone or something hurt you and you have a right to feel that pain, accept it, embrace it and let it go. Hell yeah things bother me and I do have the right not to like something that has happened; but I will not let it ruin my mood. That just makes me a slave, not just a slave to my own emotions but a slave to someone else’s emotions.

Enjoy your freedom.

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