Stop and smell the roses

There are some days when we wonder what happened to our time. As if there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done and we can’t catch up. Ever heard the expression: the hurrier I go, the behinder I get? It is actually a quote by Lewis Carroll. It sounds like nonsense but it perfect. The more we rush and try and get everything done at once, we get sloppy and make mistakes. Those mistakes take time to fix or worse, if we forget to do something then the job remains incomplete.

When we try and rush through life we make mistakes. Instead of being present in every moment, we are trying to get through every moment, either remembering something that already happened or thinking about possible outcomes. This comes out of our need to control.

We think we need to control our outcomes, and that will maintain the status quo in our lives. Our goal being to minimize unpleasant surprises in our lives. Normally this increases the odds of things we don’t want to happen, happening.

If you worry about something happening, you begin to manifest this thing in your life. Do not think about your worst case scenario, over and over again. If you do, you are putting it out there. Sometimes we do this sort of thing unwittingly, because a part of us wants attention. You have a little voice inside your head saying ” I told you so.” Your brain has subconsciously sets chart in that direction. Our so called bad luck has manifested itself out of our own fear.

We all fear certain things. I challenge you to face your fears. I am not talking about fear of spiders, snakes or small spaces. I am talking about the seemingly little fears that our mind throws at us so that we modify our behavior. For example, I hate confrontation and used to avoid it at all costs. To get past this I had to swing the pendulum in the other direction and get aggressive. That style didn’t make me comfortable but as I now understand the two extremes, I try and work somewhere in the middle. Before I confront someone about something, I usually write it down first and explore what I am actually feeling. I am learning to voice my opinions without fear by giving an accurate description of what I am feeling.

You see we all have a right to feel happy, sad, angry, disappointed etc. We just can’t blame someone else for that feeling. We need to own it and explore what is happening inside us. They have given us a gift that we should not waste. All those feelings we now have came from seeds of past events that we didn’t deal with. We get more and more upset over the smallest thing. The seed has grown into a weed. And any gardener will tell you that weeds take a lot of work to get rid of.

Learn to live in the moment and live through your emotions instead of repressing them. It is hard and takes practice but you will see results and the results will motivate you

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