In Earnest

I was checking my comments page and a reader did not agree with what I wrote about cheating. I am not sure if giving cheaters or potential cheaters advice is the right thing to do but it is not my position to judge. I try and make observations on what is around me and make judgement calls.

I believe that we need to NOT do something because we not only know it is wrong but we feel it in our heart. I was watching a program tonight and the husband was cheating on his wife while he was supposed to be at the infertility clinic with her. As the show progressed you could see how emotionally unavailable he was and by the end of the show he was looking for answers as to why he was behaving the way he was.

Often we do these stupid hurtful things because we aren’t really present in our own lives. We don’t feel anything ourselves so how can we really consider other people’s feelings.

It is all so superficial.

My goal is to inspire people to dig deeper. Let your emotions live the life they are supposed to, then let them go.

One thought on “In Earnest

  1. iI think this is a really good post. Its important for people to realize that often people dont only cheat on their partners but they cheat on themselves. Often people actually feel terrible about cheating but when they are emotionally gone for whatever reason they cant tap into these emotions and they look to extremes to try to feel something…ANYTHING.

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