Who is sitting next to you?

Who have you chosen to surround yourself with? You closest relationships are a reflection of who you are. At one point in time I was surrounded by people who were all dysfunctional.

Hello! Wake up call!

I was constantly embroiled in the problems of others and identifying with them and their frustration. I was constantly filling my mind with their trash. At the end of the day, part of me must have enjoyed the drama. Let’s face it, we do like to complain and bitch sometimes.

Slowly, I began to search for peace and calm. The relationships that were eating away at me, constantly on my mind, became unsatisfying. I didn’t like the physical reactions when I was was around certain people. I really started to listen to what they were saying or what they meant to say and I didn’t like it.

Some people were easy to talk to and explain how I felt. They empowered me to express myself. While others, many of whom are no longer in my life, told me that I was being negative. I was taking control and doing the most positive thing for myself that I could imagine and no one was going to tell me otherwise.

Of course it created some sleepless nights and it still does. Last night I woke up at 3 am and it took hours to get back to sleep. My little worries that kept me awake were subdued by me telling my brain this: I have made some good decisions and I do not need to doubt them. I acted with integrity, in my best interests and I should be proud that I am taking responsibility for myself.

I leave you with this:

1. Make sure that you surround yourself with people who are positive and not acting out of selfish interests. If you are, take a look at yourself and question your own motives.

2. You should never walk away from someone feeling like they drained the life out of you.

3. Give yourself a pep talk? Sometimes that is all it takes. Have faith in yourself. Be kind to yourself and forgive yourself.

One thought on “Who is sitting next to you?

  1. I couldn’t agree more with this. Over the last few years I have managed to slowly extricate myself from these sorts of relationships. Doesn’t mean I am hurting people with rejections necessarily (although this is sometimes the case), but choosing how I respond to their dramas and how I cope with mine.

    Surrounding yourself with positive people is incredibly enlightening.

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