Pushing through the pain

Morning do not seem to be my best time of day. I am hardly human before my first cup of coffee. Last nights and early mornings were common in my 20s but in my late 30s it is not pretty.

Despite my lack of energy, I set forth on my day with gusto and began working. After making a number of stops, I found out that some personal issues had to be dealt with immediately.
So my work day ended for the week a few hours short. I don’t get paid unless I work, so I have to plan for days like this.

What I have learnt is that when I am at work, I work. It is not time to go out for lunch, procrastinate or rest. I get out and put my work persona on and off I go. I have made a commitment to myself to give it my 100 % effort for the hours I work everyday.

I am so much more productive and focussed with this attitude that I actually work less hours than I used to and get better results.

So when you are working, be present and active. Don’t stick around the office because you think it looks good and it is what is expected of you. Put in all your effort, even if you try this for an hour a day, your efforts will be so productive that you will be motivated to work harder.

You are not working for a company, a business or your family. You are working for yourself! Your family, your company benefit from your labour but this is about you. That is why we choose certain careers, take risks to try new things. We have to look after ourselves before we can be truly present for our loved ones and the others who depend on us.

We are often told as children that we need to do things for others, and that is true. But first, we must learn to look after ourselves and be responsible for all aspects of our life. Then we can make a profound difference in the lives of others.

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