Back to Basics

I thought today’s post should be dedicated to Wankers and their behaviour. This blog is not called the Wanker Diaries for nothing. So let’s focus on what to look for when deciding if someone is a real wanker or not.

When you are out with a possible Wanker, is he constantly interrupting you whenever you speak, making you feel that his thoughts are more important to him than yours? A real Wanker does this because he cannot stop his thoughts racing in his head. He needs constant reassurance that he is God’s gift to this planet and all the women on it. Don’t let his bravado and arrogance fool you, he has a ripe inferiority complex that compels him to put you down in order to build himself up.
It is all about comparison, he only sees himself in relation to other people. He is trapped by this and just can’t stop himself from competing for every word thought, word, friend that you have. He just has to be the most popular person he knows and will stop at nothing, including breaking up your long term friendships, sabotaging your professional life.

You see if you are happy and well adjusted, then you WILL leave him and he will be alone. So he has to do everything he can to undermine you.

Perhaps you are too smart to get caught but I bet everyone has a friend, girl or guy, that has ended up in this situation. Someone you know may still be in this situation. Reach out to them and just let them be themselves around you. You probably watch them change when they are around the Wanker so try and get them alone. His power lies in isolating his victim.

You can’t tell them what to do and you probably can’t stand the wanker, but you need to try and stay in your friends life as much as possible because she will eventually she will see the light and have a long journey back to find herself.

And if you are the one reading this and recognizing yourself. Don’t despair. Work on cutting negativity from your life. Recognize any negative energy by how you feel. If you feel down, angry, sad or just plain exhausted imagine yourself surrounded by a protective white light. Think positive thoughts.

Garbage in, garbage out. Positivity in, positivity out.

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