Other brick in the wall

When we are little girls, even before we can read, we are told fairy tales. What is interesting is that every culture has the same base stories with the same six or seven messages, just the characters change.

Let’s now consider Rapunzel trapped in the castle, her beautiful long hair is her saving grace. Then let us consider the poem by Robert Browning, Porphyria’s Lover. Her lover strangles her with her beautiful long hair so her one wish can be granted: that they live together forever in eternal bliss.

So we grow up wanting to be princesses and end up being strangled by our own desires. Sounds grim. The point here is that we build walls around ourselves that become traps. We do not remain the same throughout our lives, we should not. We grow, we learn and hopefully mature.
But this fairytale we have been fed is not the truth. There is no prince charming coming to save us. We save ourselves.

The truth is that life is suffering but from suffering comes growth and beauty. We learn to appreciate the small things. Suffering is a great gift that life gives us to grow and understand ourselves better. Or we can become miserable and bitter and wallow in self pity.

Don’t waste this life. Perhaps it is your only one or perhaps it is one of many.

The walls we build around ourselves to protect our psyches are just mental constructs. Perhaps something triggered fear in us and then we built walls around or castle, little by little, fear after fear, built up and created a big blockage in us that holds us back from our true potential.

Let go of things that you don’t even remember. Face your fears and move forward.

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