Life is ruled by the cat

I was once told, by a Wanker, that at a certain point in life, a single woman would rather curl up with her cat, a box of chocolates and a good book rather than have a wanker at her side.

That perspective is almost true.

It is better to be alone than in the wrong relationship, a truth some of us would like to forget. But just because a woman is alone, doesn’t mean she is a hermit and as he implied, antisocial.

The truth is that no matter who we are, we need to be comfortable with ourselves before we invite someone in.

Know thyself.

Taking time alone and enjoying your own company is a skill done of us need to work on. We get so tied up in the busy aspects of life that at night our brains crash. We have brain fog.

Brain fog usually manifests itself as a lack of productivity. You just can’t work out what to do next, where to go or which was to turn. You get stuck in one place, hopefully not sleeping next to a Wanker.

This inability to move forward is directly linked to not having enough ‘you’ time. Meditation is the only way to truly clear your mind and get the clarity and insight to move forward.

Whatever meditation is for you, it may be prayer, zen, a sport. Take time for yourself and the rest of your life will fall into place.

Wanker or no Wanker.

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