The Tom Cat

How do you recognize the Tom Cat? He swaggers into the room, you cannot confuse him with a Swinging Dick. He is too cool to even consider showing off his power.

The Tom Cat has an untouchable quality. Nobody owns a cat. My cat, Shorty, skulks around the house looking for prey. But underneath it all? He is a lover.

So as the Swinging Dick walks into a room, expecting to be noticed immediately, while the Tom cat hunts.

Should I warn you, beware of them both? No, but try and recognize the difference and take the Wanker for what he is.

You might need a Tom Cat in your life at this moment in time. Don’t treat him as marriage material but in the words of Linda Fiorentino in her film ” The Last Seduction,” let him be your designated fuck.

The Swinging Dick probably regards himself as great marriage material
(and a great fuck but luckily he has money.) All that remains to be seen. You may have to pull his head from up his arse before you can stand more than a drink with him, let alone dinner.

At the end of the day, whether you are a guy or a girl and you meet someone who has the potential to be special or ‘the one’ then take a step back and take it slow. You can never turn back the clock if you rush. And rushing into something with someone can turn it from the relationship of your life to the nightmare of your life.



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