Best foot forward

Since I started meditating, it has been a period of brain fog or total clarity, with intellect in between. By intellect, I mean rationalizing everything, analyzing everything and in turn sucking the life from my ideas instead of going with the flow.

Did you ever think you could be fearful of success? That the thing you desired was possible, of course, but somewhere deep inside you didn’t believe you deserved it? If you are sabotaging yourself without realizing it, but wondering why you are not succeeding then this may be the reason.

When you are on the cusp of something great, do you feel uncomfortable, fearful perhaps a bit sick to the stomach? This is a sign that you have a fear of success, not a fear of failure. If you can recognize is, then half the battle is won. You will either know immediately where this fear comes from, or begin to have an idea. This will take the pressure off. You may even find that your mind had created a crazy barrier for nothing, and nothing has been holding you back.

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