Ready , Set, Go!

It’s Monday morning and most of us should feel refreshed after a relaxing weekend.

If something is troubling you and you are not starting your week this way, then look for where you are leaking energy. You are engaged in energy sapping behavior. This behavior could be your job, a relationship or it could just be negative thought patterns that you have built around you like a wall.

Attitude is everything. Start to analyze the thoughts racing through your mind. Are you your own energy vampire? Absorbing all the negative energy around you. Because negative energy is out there and if you are negative you will attract more.

Try and recognize a key relationship in your life that is central to your energy leak and try and understand how you ended up in this place. Then let it go.

Don’t cling to the past or the future. Holding on to feelings of pain will contribute to setting unrealistic expectations for the future. You cannot control anyone but you can control how you react to your surroundings.

Live totally in the present moment, catch yourself getting off your track. Forge the path you want, not the path that others ate trying to dictate to you. You can do it!

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