One for the good guys (or gals)

So how many times have been part of a group of single girls and you watch everyone of them sleep with the same guy or couple of guys that are all friends? I always thought that was nasty.

Keep it in the family? Not in my book. Imagine if one of them had AIDS, share that joy too?
It is incomprehensible to me that many men and women do not worry about AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases. They may have slept with 2 or three partners in a month and those patterns have also slept with 2-3 other partners. It starts to add up.

What does your sexual history say about your self esteem?
If you sleep with multiple partners, are you having protected sex? There is a risk you could get a sexually transmitted disease if you have unprotected sex. There is a risk you could pass something on to someone you know or don’t know.

Protected sex is a way of telling the other person that you have some self respect and you have some respect for them. It can even be a way of building a commitment with someone. You should take AIDS tests before you have unprotected sex.

At one point I was seeing this lawyer who worked for a major fashion label in Paris. We went out a few times for dinner then we met at his apartment before we went out and he started to come on strong, then he stopped and explained that he had a girlfriend in the south of France and it was serious. He said they had already waited and just had AIDS tests together before he had sex with her. Well, I guess I wasn’t just looking to JUST get laid so I got out of there. But I always remembered him saying that she was the one and even though he didn’t think sleeping with me was cheating, he wouldn’t do it without a condom.

Men are not complicated creatures, they come in many different flavors and colors. Don’t settle for a wanker who doesn’t realize what he has with you. He may just be a total wanker, or he may not be ready and the timing is wrong. You want a guy who is waiting for your timing to be right.

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