What is love?

As little girls we are fed many ideals about love. In most cases, our father is our first love and we go out and date and marry our fathers.

Too bad if Dad is dysfunctional. What can we do? How do we learn which guy is a great boyfriend and which guy is marriage material.

Start by considering what you are willing to compromise on. When you start to see things you don’t like, and let’s face it, no one is perfect so you will see things you don’t like, ask yourself if it is a deal breaker. He might leave the toilet seat up but always does the dishes.

You should never compromise on the biggest things like being in love as opposed to loving someone. Once I was once given the advice that it is always better to be with someone who loves you more, less risk of pain that way. I now see that advice as kind of sad.

The other place you can never compromise on is respect. Respect is earned but we should all move into relationships giving others the treatment that we want.

It saddens me that many women today are so competitive that they have to go after anything and anyone that someone else has. You see this poor guy who can’t get laid then the next thing you know two best friends are fighting to the death to have him. Yes, he is loving it for the moment. His problem will be when the girl who sinks the lowest, who acts the nastiest will cheat her way into his heart. He is then stuck in a life of hell that he can’t escape from.

Have you ever wondered why you meet really amazing men who have the bitchiest wife you could imagine? I rest my case.

I still want to believe in Father Christmas, the Tooth Fairy( she leaves money) and the Easter Bunny. I also want to believe in love on all levels. Who doesn’t want the fairytale?

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