Age before beauty

Thank you very much! It seems that it does get better with age.

We live in a society that has always valued youth, until that very youth who came up with. Marketing strategy based on youth, this cult of younger beauty, started to age. As we get older and wiser, we start to place value on more important things than physical appearance. That is the wisdom of age.

Our bodies age, but the spirit that is our fundamental self, does not view time with the same human constraint that we do. We use time to help us fit into society. It integrates us into the world. But this integration is in a way that separates us from our core self. Think of the voice you have in you, and I don’t mean your ego. I am talking about the fundamental you. Buddhists call it the Buddha inside, Christians call it the voice of God. It is timeless.

A life well lived, is one that taps into that voice inside, listens to it and follows it.
We all do things that we know are wrong and separate us from who we are. Think of people you have in your life that are not good for you, yet they persist because you allow then too.

Self esteem baby. They are part of a lower vibrational energy that can suck you down. How does this relate back to age? Well, as we get older and realize that life in finite, we realize that life is too short and we have too many things to get done before we die.

By the time we start to grasp what life is about, we are usually half way through our lives.
Don’t waste another minute. Embrace the things in life that build you up, make you feel grounded and happy. Surround yourself with supportive people, who love you, but won’t put up with any crap. Don’t take advice from people who are playing both sides. People with too much information become power mongers and that leads to manipulation. Run. You intuitively know who they are so trust your intuition, not them.

And remember, there are a lot of Wankers out there who are scared of their own mortality. So they chase women 20 years younger than them. My friend once told me that when women turn 40 years of age, they look at their life and decide if they need to make any changes. But, when a man turns 40, he wants to see if he can still get a 25 year old.

Now that I am almost 40, I think women are looking at younger men. But maturity wise, 30 is a much better age for a younger man. 25 is just too much of a baby.

Have a great weekend.

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