Step back in time

Look around you at someone who is 10 years younger and tell me you don’t understand how they’re feeling. You can see the “deer in the headlights” look that we all once had.

That is, all of us who will admit it.

We have the ‘salopes’ who are so busy trying to show how much they know, dishing out self serving advice where-ever they can. Pretending that they give a shit when actually they want everything they can get their hands on, especially if it yours or they know it is in your sights.

The remake of the Italian Job has a classic example of this. Edward Norton’s character steals all the money and then buys the dream item of everyone of his old team. The car, the stereo….. All the things that modern society tells us will define who we are.

So if you lack imagination, and have a jealous streak in you, then you climb on board the dream of everyone around you.

Everyone know someone like this. As I look at women who are younger than me, some wiser, some not, I am astounded by the competition between these women. Talk about a patriarchal society. So many women are ready to turn on women close to them, or in their circle for little or no reason. Except one, insecurity.

It is much easy to hijack someone else’s dreams than create your own, and hell, if their dream is good enough for them, then it is good enough for me.

What a freak attitude! I want all these women to know that there is plenty for everyone.

Was I like that when I was younger? I don’t think so. I was not competitive and didn’t realize that the world is full of female’s who sabotaged friendships and relationships that I could have messed up myself. I think I fell victim because I was not like that. When you don’t think in certain ways, you don’t see it coming until it is too late.

When I see the way women, especially younger women disrespect themselves and in turn their friends because of petty jealousies and rivalries, I like to hope that they will grow out of it or away from these negative people.

As I grow older, I try and protect my energy from leaking into trash. I am now much less tolerant of certain behavior. I wish I could say I was mature enough to do this in my 20s but am thankful I learnt the lesson in my 30s.

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