The Day of Rest

I was off to such a great start today. I am starting a Challenge today, excited about the next 12 weeks, I am making changes in my life. I want to stop living paycheck to paycheck. You go girl!

Instead, I am all aggravated because the Wanker asked, ” what are you doing?”
I mean, what does it look like I am doing? What have I been doing for the last couple of months? He is so close to me he could read as I type. Then the unsolicited advice starts. Why do Wankers give women advice when we just want them to listen and encourage us.

Now, ladies, ALL MEN DO THIS! It is in their wiring. Just as it is in our wiring to get less and less tolerant as we get older. I see posted on pinterest( that FABU app) all the time, a quote about women being angels, but when our wings get broken, we continue to fly, but on our broomsticks. I’ll happily use my broom to fly. Sure as hell beats sweeping the floor. I don’t have to be an angel, an eagle would be fine. I don’t want to be a bald eagle though.

Speaking of being bald, after many lessons of doing my own hair, I am cured. My girlfriend and I did a touch up that between us we #%!? up my $300 haircut. Too dark a color, mixed with root touchup everywhere but on the roots. No more drinking wine until after we are finished. The good news is, I got it fixed and looking fabu again. See, I even picked up a new word, FABU.

So FABU hair, need a Brazilian this week. I guess I went through a rough patch with my eyebrows too. I discovered “threading” last year while on vacation. When I came back from the trip I found a local lady who did it, and boy did she hack at my poor eyebrows. After 18 months they’re almost recovered so I should deal with them too. So for all of you hairy women out there, (my roommate used to call herself the missing link and thanks to her I discovered waxing my legs) , you will never have to take a year to grow out a bad eyebrow experience.

So, jump into the week. If you need to do your hair tonight so it is FABU in the morning, get it done. Paint your toenails, make a plan for your week. If you don’t take care of yourself, no one else will.

Go turn lead into gold.

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