The Dilema

Babies at 40?

I has my daughter when I was 28, which in retrospect was neither too young nor too old. I really wanted two babies closed together but it didn’t happen. Now I am pushing 40 and wondering will I ever have another child? Do I want to have another child?

My 10 year old is very independent and loves sleepovers. I am growing my professional life and want to be financially independent. Where would another child fit?

I just saw an old friend who just had child number 3. I have a sister who did two children in her 20s, then snuck 2 in at 39 and 40 years of age. This is a question that is on my mind.

What would happen to ma vie d’un femme?

Part of me craves another baby. I love to hold babies and put them to sleep. It is so rewarding. But I am just as happy to give them back. Am I, at 38 years of age, starting to think that I can just wait for grandchildren?


What happens to us as we get to 30 something when 30 something is closer to 40 than 30. We are actually more secure and happier than at any stage of our lives. And if we are not, we are mature enough to admit it and make the changes happen. Where does a baby fit in?

I have pondered this fact for a long time and have come to the following conclusion. Having a child is a two man street. And no I don’t mean go sleep with two potential fathers then keep your legs crossed. I mean, raising a child, is best done with two committed parents with the same vision of life and love. To have a child at any age is really easy. Sex, impregnation and 40 weeks later a baby.

But a child is for life. It is not a bad thing but your life is never your own after you have a child.

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