There is Nothing Wrong With You!

So we all have issues of some sort. It is true. But after years of expensive therapy do we ever find a cure for all our malaises? Of course not. It is not profitable for us to be cured. If we were cured we wouldn’t need or want anything. We would be satisfied.

Well, part of being human is to have a certain longing for more.
Guess what. We don’t need it. We are perfect the way we are.
Our issues come from our desires. Our desires get us into trouble. But don’t just think I am talking about sexual desires. We try and control our future and outcomes. They cycle around in our minds, keeping us awake at night. Keeping us anywhere but the present moment.

My Father used to tell us we weren’t normal. He was joking but I guess I took it heart, until today. I am perfectly normal, whatever that means. I just want to be me and accept who I am.

I do.

Go and enjoy where you right now. You are perfect the way you are.
Tomorrow never comes. So why chase your tail?

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