Teenage Dream Part 2

What is it about being a 30 something that makes us so attractive to a 20 something guy? I was chatted up at a red light yesterday by someone young enough to be my son.

Then there is that c- word. You know the other one that makes Demi Moore sound like a dangerous animal.

I had a smart realization yesterday. Of course men are always looking at women. That is what they do. The dropped jaw is a reflex action. Some men are more crafty at hiding it, but they have already seen her coming, acknowledged her in their mind, and moved on or not gotten caught.

Now, when it comes to who a women notices, that is another story.

Do I keep on noticing younger guys looking at me because I like looking at younger guys?
Think about it. We notice what we want to notice.

Think of all those crappy relationships you have been in for too long because you only saw what you wanted to see and ignored the rest.

My goal now is to look at all aspects of my life where I am overlooking possibilities and potential.
For example, I give great business advice to everyone but myself. Now I am going to focus all my energy into my business and how to make the most of my opportunities.

It’s really simple.

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