Eyes Wide Open

The potential is always there for whatever you want. The trick is deciding what you want and believing it.
Once you decide what you want, you need to be careful of distractions. Opportunities are always there in all areas of you life and your mindset will determine which opportunities you see.
When you go from zero to eyes open, these opportunities can overwhelm you and get you off track then the results will not be there.
Make sure that you don’t have a wanker in your life throwing you off course. For most people, personal life will determine there success or failure at work. If you home life is not a safe haven then you will struggle everywhere else. Something’s got to give!

Think of your most successful single girlfriend. Nine times out of 10 she was single for most of the climb.

You can have it all. Just chose a destination and stay focused on getting there. Don’t be distracted!

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