Pervy Wanker

I suppose I am not as careful as I used to be about friending people on Facebook. I am very careful about my daughter not having Facebook, twitter or email.

I accidentally accepted a couple of friend requests without thinking. I then had these young guys commenting on how lovely my photos were and sending me emails. I have friends I have known for years who haven’t shown that much interest in me.


I don’t think I have actually used the term ” Pervy Wanker” before or even said it out loud. Of course Bridget Jones made it famous by introducing it to most of the world. But how many of you know at least one Pervy Wanker. You may even be related to one. We had an uncle who used to give us big sloppy kisses on the lips. Pervy Wanker.

Personally, Pervy Wankers scare me like a old man in the park offering sweets to a small child he doesn’t know.

Pervy Wanker Alert.

We get a gut feeling and we ignore it and that gets us into trouble. I think the most vulnerable time in our lives is when we are teenagers. But we can still miss one if we are not paying enough attention.

I guess it goes back to a recent post about who we notice looking at us. When the hair on arms and legs stands up and you get goose bumps (or as the french say “la chaire de poule” or chicken skin ) because there is a Pervy Wanker around take action. Run. Your body know’s it intuitively. Don’t ignore your body’s warning and don’t get caught in an alley on a dark night with a Pervy Wanker unless you have some mace handy.

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