Onion Sandwich

So you have to be married to eat raw onions or you will be single forever. Actually, it might be a great way to get rid of a wanker, stinky onion breath. Not a bad idea.

In french there is an expression, “C’est ne pas tes onions”, which literally means “it is not your onions.” But let us dissect that. Onions make you cry, onions have layers. Really it means that it is none of your business.

What I have learnt is that if I am interested in someone else’s business, somehow I feel, consciously or unconsciously, vested in the outcome. It may be a simple thing but it is easy to get wrapped up in it. As I have said before, other peoples issues seems easier to tackle than our own, hence the problematic friend who is always giving advice. I may even be avoiding my own situation by thinking about someone else.

Or think of when you fight with a friend over something and you cannot forgive them. Taking it personally means that you are owning what they did or said. They didn’t give you a gift but you accepted it anyway. The trick is to turn it into a gift, a lesson learned.

Isn’t that the best? Someone wrongs you and you turn it into a great life changing lesson that alters the course of your life into a better direction? Most of the time we know what is going to happen. Our intuition tells us and we choose to ignore it because something else is easier or more appealing.

Follow your gut. Worry about yourself. Be respectful of others and the rest will come.


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