Killer Queen

We used to go dancing at Queen on le champs élysées (Paris). I remember being sandwiched between these two gay guys and one of my friends laughing his head off. We were just dancing.

Talk about partying. Another great place was a little jazz bar, someone please remind me of the name, that opened at midnight. It was near Le Jardin de Luxembourg. I would be catching the metro home as people were heading to work.

I had my time and I partied in one of the best cities in the world but today? Not so much! I think going dancing with friends in Miami would be fun but not regularly. It would have to be VIP.
And very civilized.

Is that age? Probably.

Let’s face it. There is a stage in our life that we should party all night long. I would hate to be in my 40s and feel I missed out then have to get out and experience it.

Luckily I don’t; so I am quite happy to live in relatively quiet domesticity.

Imagine being out on the meat market today. It’s a whole new ball game. And forget the wankers, women, including your closest friends, regard dating as a blood sport. Move over Spartacus!

Yes the dating scene today is the arena. It’s the coliseum. And beware, if you are hanging out with all your single girl friends, and you like a guy, HIDE HIM or you will lose him.

Sad but true. Wear your armor.

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