Time to talk

I have something to say! The fact that my calf muscles are aching from working out means that I have some great privileges.

I know it is corny but take stock of your life right now. Do you have physical health? And if you don’t is it because of poor choices about how you treat your body?

Really there is no excuse. We are surrounded by wealth and we take it for granted. Sure, a lot of people have had to give up a lot with the economy going down but we are not living in poverty like a lot of Americans. We are online!

Our problems start when we listen to the negative thoughts and messages we give ourselves or hear from our Wankers.

Be honest with yourself. Take stock of the good stuff. Maybe you have good ears, maybe you are a free spirit. Be proud of yourself

Embrace and accept who you are and the bits you don’t like….

Face them and then make a plan. Consider where you want to be in 10 years and then work backwards.

Change is scary so it has to be assimilated into your life. Take baby steps, like me. Actually my calf muscles are so sore, my body is forcing me too.

Talk To Me

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