Deal Breakers

What is your deal breaker or breaking point in a relationship when you say enough is enough?
How high are your tolerance levels?

Every relationship in your life is different, friend or family member. I don’t want to talk about children here becuase deal breakers with your kids are usually a very different story. Otherwise I would have been disowned a long time ago!

In my life I found that my tolerance of others is very high but when a relationship implodes, there is no going back. Often it is over something that may seem minor but incredibly significant.
I have seen meaningful relationships come and go. The trick is letting go and understanding why.

Without talking about myself too much, I want everyone to consider a significant realtionship in their life that is unhealthy. Not just for you but for the other person. Are you an enabler or is someone enabling you to remain stuck in a rut?

Take it one step further….

Is someone in your life who is sabotaging your life? Usually if you think you have one relationship like this there will be others. If this is the case you have to weed them out one by one and discover why you gave them permission. They only have power to do this if let them.

To rid your life of these relationships, you need to do research into your ego. What is going on in your head and why is it manifesting itself this way. It often seems innocent enough but it isn’t. Usually there was a trigger event at some point in your life where you learnt thay this was the appropriate response. This event can be completely unrelated to the relationship at hand.

Last night I watched a film called Martha Marcy May or something like that. This young girl eventually escaped from a sect/ so called commune that was brainwashing the young girls who came to live there. The beahiour she was taught did not cut it in the real world. She didn’t understand why and her fear was too deep for her to face what had happened to her and accept that it was not appropriate.

All of us have a little bit of that in us. We can never be completely appropriate in every situation and stay true to ourselves. Being a conformist, and being yourself rarely equal the same behaviour.

But we all have rights. We are constantly told we are free individuals. Let me tell you this. If you are a slave to your emotions and the emotional reactions of others, you are not free.

You are not free if you have vices. You are a slave to whatever it is that placates you. Modern society has turned us into master consumers, feeding on human dissatisfaction.

Search inside yourself and find yourself within. Sure, you will still desire material possessions and relationships and happiness. But the difference will be the feeling’s of gratitude for what you have.

I think that gratitude is the most beautiful word there is. Think about what gratitude means to you.

Great way to start the weekend.

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