So what are you obsessing about on a regular basis? Is it a past relationship? The grass is always greener? Is it something that happened to you and you just can’t turn off the tape in your mind?

Destroy the tape and move on.

You see, when you obsess over something you are living in the past. Worse that that, you are a slave to the past and your memories.

So imagine you have been seeing a great guy for a long time, maybe you even married him because he is a great guy and you recognize that. But in the back of your mind you have a Wanker you just keep on thinking about. You know he is a Royal Wanker yet you just don’t want to let go. Great sex usually comes with drama, so that is probably the crutch. Go get yourself some toys and discover great sex with your great man.

Or is it a grudge? The grudge is particularly difficult to let go of and can be mixed up with a Wanker and what you experienced with him. Or it could be a friendship that went sour.

The past cannot be changed. Your perspective can. Choose you, choose thoughts that will bring you success and happiness. Recognize negativity for what it is and how it is attacking your life.

Start your week with a fresh outlook on life. Thank someone for bringing joy to your life and enjoy their response. Give compliments and look at how you can make others shine. Help others and see what gratitude is. Then simply enjoy the gratitude you feel.

Society teaches us how to complicate life. Get rid of all your baggage and move forward with positivity.

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