In Retrospect

We can all look back and say, if I knew then what I know now…
Bla! Bla! Bla!
Bla again!

Experience is everything. It is the journey. Living our lives and learning our lessons give us the beauty of age. A 40 something guy might be looking at 25 year old gal but the average 40 year old gal is probably looking at a 30 year old guy. Touché.

If the guy is over 50 and wants to get married to a woman his age, chances are that he has NO MONEY. If a 25 year old gal is marrying a guy over 45, chances are he HAS MONEY.

Women are no better than men and vice versatile. We are just different. I cannot speak for all women, but I can say personally, as a women, my perspective has changed with age, sometimes it changes every day.

If we are smart, we see our own beauty in our age, whatever it is. We need to be proud of the bits that make us who we are. A wrinkle here, a stretch mark there, they are our battle wounds that make us interesting. Just as we don’t want a boring companion, decent men don’t either.

Instead we can focus on Wanker’s that are either unattainable or we are unable to get rid of.

We all know a guy who seems decent enough….

Looks can be deceiving so if you are interested in more than sex….

Conversation is the place to start. Sex is the easy part. So get the hard work done first!

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