Right Here: Right Now

Testing 1, 2, 3…..

Are you present right now or is your mind wandering.

Wanderlust. What is it really? A new film with Jennifer Aniston or something more benign?

Your mind is often somewhere else and if you have children, they will make you aware of it. Today my daughter was doing handstands in the grass. I was watching but my mind wandered and she called me out. Sure, I was able to tell her what she had been doing but really it was a lost in space moment. I apologized and told her I was proud that she recognized my lack of focus because she was paying attention to me.

How many moments do we lose that way? Think of all the times you should have been having fun but worries kept your mind elsewhere. Worrying, instead of enjoying the moment never helps the situation or finds you a solution.

Solutions come when the mind is quiet. That is why I always recommend meditation. It is so tough to even lay still without twitching, but practice makes perfect and you will see the results, even if you only practice 5 minutes a day.

I am getting better at meditating after a few months and I am finding answers to the conundrum that is my life. If you fear the word meditate, think of practicing breathing. You know, something we do unconsciously because if we had to think about it we would all be dead.

Breathe in and out. Pay attention to the moment in-between the air going in, then coming out.

That is what meditation is all about.

Live, breathe, love.

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