It’s the weekend!

Isn’t Friday great? Full of possibility….

I don’t like to talk too much specifically about what is happening in my life but I am excited and I want to share.

I have been transforming my body for the last three weeks and am finding that not only my body is changing for the better. My mind is shifting focus and my thoughts are clearer than ever before. Even though the astrology for the week talks about mercury retrograde which is supposed to hinder communication, I have been off the chart for talking about how I feel and speaking my mind.

My mind is pregnant with ideas. The ideas are more focused than ever. Before I was running in too many directions and was getting no traction. Today, I am finding that all things unnecessary are disappearing. I have direction!

I see a couple of reasons for this.

1. Exercise with an accountability partner. I hate going to the gym but I meet my friend, Anna there everyday and we push each other. But that is not it! She has a lot more knowledge about exercise than I do so I rely on her a lot. What I discovered is that she was excited because I showed up and keep showing up. I found out that I wasn’t just taking from her, but I was giving something to her too. That connection is an even better reward than the 4 pounds I have lost so far! Tomorrow we will measure the inches.

2. Meditation. It slows down the mind so you can hear your own voice. We all ask the universe for opportunities but miss them when they come because we are distracted. Meditation cures that.

3. Financial Reward. It takes 84 days to form a habit and I am on Day 19. I am on a program that has  an incentive to win $10,000 in prizes. The prize has my name on it and I am visualizing winning. After almost three weeks, I cannot do one women’s push up completely. My goal is to win and do 10 men’s push ups on the stage before I accept my prize.  And its not the money, it’s the journey.

These are my main reasons and if you made it through my raving, I want to say one thing.  Because of everything I am sharing with you on The Wanker Diaries, I am happier and more content than ever. I will be near 1000 subscribers at three months of being online. I am finding my way and  I want to encourage you to make choices about what you want and deserve.

Jump in the river and you will either float, swim or sink.  All possibilities are better than the status quo.

Bathing suit or skinny dip, you need to participate in life to live it.





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